Q1: How long can my extensions be?
A: You can have any length you want up to about 30″. The best looking hair extensions for average height women are usually around 22″ or less. Our most popular length is 18″

Q2: What type of hair care products should I use?
A : 1. Treat this hair just as if it was your own hair.
      2. Use good quality shampoo and hair conditioner to care the hair. It’s important to keep the hair soft and shiny.
      3. You could use gel or spray styling products to keep the hair style.
      4. Olive oil will be a good choice to keep the hair healthy.

Q3. Why are my hair extensions getting tangled?
A: It could be caused by dry hair. Pls make sure to wash your hair at least once a week, twice a week is better.

Q4: How do I take care of my hair weaving?
A: Treat it like your own hair, keeping it clean and brushing it softly. Do keep this hair away from all sources of excessive heat.

Q5: How to care your human hair weaving:
A: 1. Wash the human hair weaving in one week.
    2. Water to wet hair,use a mild Shampoo, Rinse and leave to dry.
    3. Comb with a wire brush after dry.
    4. You can perming dyeing, but please remember do not do this too frequent, and remember to use the nutrition water.
    4. The combs you’d better choose the round with wide-toothed comb.
    5. Don’t make the hair under the blazing sun for quite a long time.
    6. Don’t blows the root of hairs too near with the hair drier.
    7. Don’t grasping the root of hair overexert when washing.