When choosing a hair weave, black women need to take several factors into consideration. By selecting the best hair weave for your particular needs, your weave will look more realistic and give you a more satisfactory experience. Keep these points in mind when shopping for your weave.

Choose High Quality Hair

Weave hair can be pricey, so choose with care. Most weave hair originates in Asia and can be processed to take on virtually any appearance. Black women who want high quality weave hair should look for indications like “100 percent human hair” and “Remy hair.” Remy is considered one of the highest quality weaves a woman can buy.

Consider Your Natural Texture

Because black women usually have highly textured hair, buying weaves that are bone straight with no amount of curl can look unrealistic. Even black hair that has been chemically relaxed has some texture to it. Choose hair that looks as if it could naturally grow from your scalp for the most realistic look. You don’t want plastic-looking “doll hair.”

Some black women don’t want straight hair weaves; they prefer curly or kinky weaves, especially if they want to see how they’ll look with natural hair or they’re growing out a relaxer. Try to find a hair weave in a texture that closely matches your natural hair’s texture. With proper application, it won’t be noticeable that you’re wearing a weave. Your curly roots can easily blend into the weave with no detection.

Human vs. Synthetic Hair

Black women shopping for hair weaves have two choices: human or synthetic hair. Synthetic hair is good for braid extensions, but not as versatile as human hair for other styles. Human hair can be curled, permed and colored, while synthetic hair cannot. A woman should decide how she wants her weave to look before purchasing it.

Sewn-in or Glued

Sewn-in weaves are usually better for black hair because the braided style that a woman wears beneath the weave protects her natural hair from daily wear and tear. Sewn-in weaves last longer as well.

Glued-in weaves are meant to be worn for a very short time period, no longer than one week. However, the glue that’s used to attach weave hair can damage black hair, especially upon removal. You have to be very careful when removing hair weaves that have been glued in to prevent pulling your hair out with it.

The Best Hair Weave

The best hair weave for black women should take into account her budget and lifestyle. A weave that is 100 percent human hair, particularly if it’s branded as “Remy” hair, is preferable to synthetic hair, but human hair costs considerably more than synthetic. A woman should buy the highest quality hair she can afford. Not only will it look more realistic, it will also be healthier for her hair and scalp.